Fresh out of our live shellfish tank, choose the right lobster for you and whatever occasion you have planned.


This smaller member of the lobster family works equally well as the main attraction on the plate, or featuring in paella or any other tasty dish.


Requiring just a quick sear in a hot pan, this deliciously sweet and tender delicacy is easy to cook and easier to enjoy.


Tasty and known for its health benefits, crab can be served in many ways, perhaps most popular among them being crab cake.


Fresh out of our live shellfish tank, our prawns are the perfect treat! Ideal for seafood linguine, paella or a simple prawn cocktail.  


A great source of protein and omega-3 and low in saturated fats, this tasty mollusc is easy to cook for even the most novice of chefs. 


Viewed across the world as a luxury food, oysters are served raw and can be enjoyed with a large variety of different condiments. 



Often compared to lobster in both taste and texture, this versatile whitefish can be prepared using many cooking methods.


Similar to cod but with a slightly sweeter taste, this meaty fish works especially well with Mediterranean flavours such as garlic or paprika.


With a mild flavour, haddock is the fish of choice for Scotland’s fish and chip shops, and perfect for serving to large groups.


Extremely versatile, cod’s mild flavouring makes it one of the most eaten fish globally for a good reason.  

Sea Bass

Meatier and stronger tasting than any other fish, it can be generously seasoned without losing its own flavour.


Grilled, poached in milk, or cooked some other way, this tasty morsel is perfect to serve alongside toast and eggs for breakfast or afternoon tea.

Smoked Haddock

Great for soups, pies, salads and many other recipes, smoked haddock is quick to cook and so ideal for pan frying or poaching.

Smoked Mackerel

With its enjoyable smoky flavour, smoked mackerel is easy to bake, grill, or shallow fry, and makes a delicious pate. 

Lemon Sole

With it’s sweet, delicate flavour Lemon Sole is often classed as underused. It goes well with potatoes, greens and much more!